Loan Against Car Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

What must I do to start the loan process?

The first thing you can do to initiate your loan application is to get in touch with our loan experts who will discuss with you your requirements and provide you with everything that we need to start the process of your loan application.

Is it true that you provide same day loan payments?

Yes, once your loans has been approved and you are happy with the offer, we will then proceed to transfer cash into your account. It will depend on how fast your bank processes the cash received but you will receive a notification from us with proof of payment into your account within the same day of your loan approval.

I am blacklisted can I still get a loan?

Yes, we don’t need to know about your credit history. We will inspect your car to find out the value of it. Your car is your security for the cash we give you. Thus, it is important to ensure that you have all the car documents that prove that it is your car!

What happens if I can’t pay the loan back?

If you cannot pay back the loan it is advised to get in touch with us and see if an arrangement can be made for payments. Otherwise, we will have to auction your car to get back the money you were loaned.

Can I extend my loan?

Yes, we can extend your loan, You have to take care of the current loan agreement and only then will we be able to extend your loan and offer you more money based on your needs. If you would like to payback your loan and request more cash, it is possible, get in touch with our loan experts who will help you extend your loan and ensure you get the cash you need within the same day of your loan extension request.